A Typical Day @ EFU First Floor

The aggravation starts in the morning, when you are driving to office and know that when you reach there you are not going to find any parking space, as all the schools and Iranian Cultural Center people would not allow to park your car opposite to their premises, although they are not the owner of the area next to the sewer stream. But hey, what can you do?

You enter first floor only to find out someone else is occupying your desk, and you start looking for an empty desk, but there are none as there are 2-3 people per desk. So, you try to find a chair and are bound to grab somebody’s chair who might not be in yet, and you are lucky if you find one. Hey, if you want to come over, please make yourself comfortable as we are quite happy to squeeze in more people.

Now you are trying to get your laptop started and suddenly you notice that there are 3-4 guys standing on your head and discussing some important issue with the network. You would wonder why the hell they can’t have this conversation in the conference room, but alas there is only one conference room available which is occupied most of the time. You can’t blame the guys as they have to conduct their meeting whether the conference room is available or not.

With all this, you calm yourself and start your day with reading your emails and replying to them ignoring what’s happening around you and suddenly you hear somebody on phone with a vendor or whoever, so loud that the concentration you have achieved by ignoring is completely destroyed. Hey, you can’t blame the guy on the phone; after all he has to talk with his vendor somewhere.

You are in the middle of the day when you see a bunch of guys suited in black with neck ties walking in; you suddenly remember your vendor wants to present you his solution today. You quickly get in to the lonely conference room and wow, it is full, there is no place for you, and you settle down just leaning by the door and trying to listen to the presentation. I think we shouldn’t blame the vendor as he has to present his solution somehow.

On Friday you feel relieved that you wouldn’t have to encounter this congestion and aggravation, cause it’s the weekend, but wait, no, you have to come to work on Saturday. You may have made plans with your family to take them to Water Park this weekend, ‘cause its so freaking hot these days, but you may have to wait till Sunday to do that, ‘cause Saturdays are working days here. But hey, you should keep your mouth shut about the Saturdays, who knows we might be called up to work on Sundays. What will then you do?

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