Meet Mr. Dilbert

Dilbert is the most inspiring character in the technology industry for years now. Created by Scott Adams, Dilbert appears daily on You can find Dilbert and other staff in and around your workplace all the time. As described by Scott Adams:

Dilbert Himself

Dilbert loves technology for the sake of technology. In fact, Dilbert loves technology more than people. He’s got the social skills of a mousepad and he’d rather surf the Internet than Waikiki (which, considering the physique he developed after years of sitting in front of a PC screen, is a blessing).

Read through some of Dilbert’s thoughts below:

Have you ever written status reports for your boss?

Status Report

Remember how every once in a while your department gets reorganized?


Motivational Issues at work.


Did you leave your job because of some bad manager?


Are you an engineer?



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