Idiot’s Guide to Email Communications

Email is a very effective mode of communication in this fast paced technological age. It has eliminated highly trained letter drafting professionals and given writing privileges to almost everyone to write in whatever way they can. I would like to share few thoughts of my own on how to write effective emails in a corporate environment and avoid unnecessary clogging of your inbox:

  • You should write an email when it is necessary to write; try first picking up a phone and speaking directly to the person. If email was your sole medium of communication than that phone would not be on your desk. 
  • Never ever reply to an announcement and the worst case scenario would be to reply all. 
  • Actually, you should never press “Reply All”, I would suggest to remove “Reply All” button from the toolbar altogether. 
  • Your email should be addressed “To” only one person, use “CC” or “FYI Forward” later only if your email “concerns” additional people. Try not to put your BOSS in “CC” for every single email you write; and never “CC” your BOSS’s BOSS. Never make use of “BCC” it’s bad, really really bad. 
  • Please DO NOT enable “Delivery” and “Read” Receipt for all your emails, this function is totally useless. If you are too curious, enable this feature for individual email message as necessary. 
  • Write your emails very carefully and sentence them politely so that the recipient is not offended with your casual English. It would be very effective if you can sum up your email in few sentences and to the point. Try not to point fingers or blame your recipient or any third party. 
  • Please try to read every email you get in your inbox, especially the ones addressed to you. If a sender has to call you or walk up to your desk and ask “Did you see my email I just sent?”, then you should not use email altogether. 
  • Internal spam is a big problem, so use your email responsibly and do not send spam to you colleagues. 
  • Using stationary, multi line signatures, bold and colored fonts, embedding pictures in your email etc doesn’t do any good. Try composing your email in “Plain Text” as it would be uniform across email clients and portray a positive and professional image of yourself. 
  • Don’t type in CAPITALS as this is considered to be SHOUTING. This is one of the rudest things you can do.

P.S: You are welcome to forward this message to your team members if you feel like. 🙂

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