Zunaira Ahmed

Zunaira Ahmed
Birth Date: Monday March 5, 2007
Birth Time: 1:45 AM
Weight: 8lbs 8oz
Where: Doctor’s Hospital, Lahore, Pakistan

I am Two Years Old

Zahra is two years old now and I bought a new digital camera !! Nikon D50 DSLR !! my first shoot with the new camera was quite obvious: zahra. She is having fun in her new house in Lahore and she loves to hang around her mom and dad…. 🙂 quite obvious.

▲ my new clothes and hat

Another Hat
▲ my new clothes and hat

▲ having fun at my home

▲ cat’s meow

▲ me and my mom

▲ a mouthful of kinoo

▲ horseback riding

▲ up on a tree

Growing Up

She’s a toddler now, and learning all kinds of new stuff. Everybody including herself is excited to see her walk, run, talk and give all kinds of gestures. She is so adorable that she is missed when she is not around for whatever reason.

▲ relaxed and enjoying great islamabad weather – grandparent’s islamabad

▲ posing with dad in bright winter sun on eid al fitr – grandparent’s islamabad

▲ beneath the fully loaded lemon tree in beautiful green – grandparent’s islamabad

▲ me and my cousin haadia having fun – grandparent’s lahore

Shaved Head

Zahra got her head shaved recently. It hasn’t made her look different, rather she looks more cuter than before. I got her pictures after that and wanted to share. Have a look below.

▲ dad set this up for me – grandparents, islamabad

Red Dress
▲ this red dress is custom made for me, looks really cool – my bedroom, islamabad

▲ i try all kinds of sleeping style – my bedroom, islamabad

▲ my favorite pastime, looking and strangers – grandparents, islamabad

▲ lush green front lawn at my grand parents house – islamabad

My Beautiful Daughter

Zahra Ahmed was born on April 11th, 2004 in Fairfax, VA. We celebrated her first birthday recently in Islamabad. She has learned how to crawl and now is getting ready to walk. Her favourite hobby is to climb the stairs. We have to put a gate against the stairs, so that she can’t get herself stressed out. Here are some pictures of her.

▲ sitting on dad’s belly – hirn minar, sheikupura

Four of Us
▲ dad, me, grandma and mom together – marghzar zoo, islamabad

▲ i love playing in my pool – grandparents, islamabad

▲ me and mom in london – trafalgar square, london