• Troubleshooting OSS RC (Ericsson)
  • Programming With PHP and MySQL
  • Effective Perl Programming
  • Micromuse Netcool Omnibus 3.5
  • Introduction to Oracle – SQL and PL/SQL
  • Micromuse Netcool Omnibus 3.4
  • Database Administration – Oracle 8i
  • Introduction to Oracle
  • Nortel Contivity Extranet Switch – Installation and Configuration
  • Nortel Shasta 5000 – Broadband Services Node
  • Implementing Microsoft Windows 2000 Active Directory Infrastructure
  • Implementing Microsoft Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure
  • Cabletron Spectrum Administration
  • Microsoft Windows NT Server Architecture Planning
  • Meridian Administration Tools
  • Meridian 1 Core Systems
  • Meridian 1 Option 51/61C Installation


  • Solaris 7/8/9, Red Hat Linux 7/8/9, Red Hat Linux Enterprise 2.1, HP UX 10.x/11.x, Microsoft Windows NT and Microsoft Windows 2000 Operating Systems
  • Perl,PHP,Shell,PL/SQL,HTML,CSS,SOAP and Java(J2SE,Swing) Programming
  • Unix and Windows System and Network Administration
  • TCP/IP,Sendmail,DNS,DHCP,NFS,Samba,Apache and Apache Tomcat Administration
  • Netcool Omnibus,HP Openview NNM,Cabletron Spectrum, ISS RealSecure and CheckPoint Firewall 1 Administration
  • LAN/WAN Design and Administration with Cisco Routers, Switches and IOS Operating System
  • VPN Design and Administration with Nortel Shasta 5000, Contivity and Windows 2000
  • Windows 2000 Network and Active Directory Design and Administration
  • Oracle,MySQL and PostgreSQL Database programming and administration
  • Technical Trainer and Technical Writer


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